Monday 15 March 2021

Book Review: Sisters And Their Plight With Boys - Destiny Love Jones Vol. 1 by NR White ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Title: Sisters And Their Plight With Boys - Destiny Love Jones Vol. 1
Author: N.R. White 
Source: Author 
Format: Kindle E copy
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


From a unique Canadian perspective, this novel is a compelling, coming-of-age story focusing on the issues of race, class, gender, love, trauma, and romance through the lens of black sisterhood. I wrote this book to entertain but to also shine some light on the intersectionality and unexplored lives of black women and girls, with hopes that every reader, from all walks of life, can understand, appreciate, empathize, and more so relate to the universal element that connects us all – being human.                           

The story begins in the 1940s and '50s in the rural, coastal town of Cliff Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada. Pearl, Augustine, and Holly are black teens forced to live in the reality of war, segregation, classism, and patriarchy; however, their faith in sisterhood and bond of friendship strengthens and unites them. Subsequently, their friendship is tested to the cusp of utter devastation. With an impish twist of irony, forward forty years later in the late ’90s, and as fate had once aligned Pearl, Augustine, and Holly’s sisterly bond, so it does with Destiny and her friends Olivia and Tiffany. Although society has progressed since the ’50s, being a black teen girl in modern times continues to present its unique challenges. Will their sisterly bond be fortified among adversity, or will they be pulled apart like the women of two generations before them? 


I loved everything about this story. 

This is what I would call an tale of how a broken bond between girlfriends could take years to heal.

The author was very clever with the name of this book Sisters and the Plight With Boys. I say this because as I reflect on the friends who began this story Holly, Pearl and Augustine that theme of the impact of males on friendships among women carried throughout the book.

I always mention in my reviews that I love books that are not only entertaining but have a message. This book had several messages,  it spoke to issues like parenting, friendship, mental health, sexual abuse, love, marriage and when reading it you will feel every emotion possible. What I love especially about this novel is that every single character's role was of equal importance, so while the book had many characters every person was well placed so that you understood their roles.

Olivia's character was well written I enjoyed reading of her journey the most although it pained me sometimes . Orville Jr. and Laura's relationship was so well crafted that you felt as if you were witnessing their lives unfold. Destiny is the glue that brings everything together. But what happened to Lyrix though???

The ending had me very emotional I actually cried (I will share no more on this). All in all this was a wonderful story. I look forward to more in the future.

I cannot wait for the other volumes to come out cause I am curious about what will become of Destiny, Olivia and Tiffany. 

Well done!!!

Much thanks to the author for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author 


 Nicole R. White is a Canadian author who expresses her passion for writing in various forms. Her zeal for books and the art of storytelling emerged at an early age, and she was swept away in the infinite world of imagination and creativity in storybooks. In her adult life, she has written various plays and directed and produced several theatrical productions. Destiny Love Jones: Vol 1. "sisters and the plight with boys" is part one of a seven volume series of novels.

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